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All-star Homemade Falafel Bowl – 101 Cookbooks

No surprise, the cornerstone of this recipe is little balls of spinach-flecked falafel. If you look at the photo, you'll see the pan-seared...

Golden-crusted Sesame Seeded Tofu | 101 Cookbooks

In the April 1998 issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine there was a recipe for Sesame Asparagus and Tofu. I ripped it out,...

Pad Thai (Vegetarian) – 101 Cookbooks

Pad thai is nearly always a crowd-pleaser. It's the sort of food that's good, even when it's bad. I mean, everyone loves a...

Sparkling Cranberries – 101 Cookbooks

I've become convinced that these sparkling, sugared cranberries should be a part of every holiday spread. They glint and wink in the surrounding...

The Ultimate Vegan Nachos – 101 Cookbooks

Let's do nachos today. I know the title says vegan nachos, but whether you're vegan or not, when you need a nacho fix,...
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